We got covid

We Got Covid | Our Experience

We Got Covid | Our Experience Yep, you read that title right.  We got Covid-19 and had to isolate ourselves throughout the holidays.  I don’t tell many personal stories on this blog, we aim to keep it very “reader” focused so we prioritize travel, itineraries, top 10 lists, etc.  Our goal here is to help…


Brandy Cobbler Cocktail

Happy Hour: Armchair Travel, Inspired Cooking & Lockdown

Happy Hour with Dashboard Living Armchair Travel, Inspired Cooking, & Lockdown   Welcome back to Happy Hour!  Each week we share adventure & travel inspiration, our favorite finds of the week and anything else that we think you might like.  I hope this is a bright spot in your week, every week.   We live…


Microblading touch up

Eyebrow Microblading Before and After

MICROBLADING BEFORE AND AFTER I had eyebrow microblading done back in 2019 when it was first gaining popularity.  At the time, microblading in Halifax was a new service being offered with limited options when it came to microblading eyebrow services.  Now, just a couple of years later, if you Google “microblading near me”, you’ll find…


Gahan Brunch in Halifax

Happy Hour: Waterfalls, Wine Glasses & Going Green

Happy Hour with Dashboard Living Waterfalls, Wine Glasses & Going Green for the Planet   Since inspiring others to “make better memories” and live life to the fullest is our mission, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up our favorite things from the week to share with you in the form of our…


Heritage Brew in Yarmouth

Things to do in Spring in Nova Scotia

Things to do in Spring in Nova Scotia Spring in Nova Scotia gets a bad wrap but I’m here to change your mind. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that spring can be dreary. Often, our tourism-centered province is still very much in “off season”, although technically it’s called the shoulder season.…


10 things you should outsource

Life-Hacking: 10 Things You Should Outsource Immediately

Personal Outsourcing & Winning Back Your Time I don’t think it’s helpful to “should” all over people so before you read another sentence I want to address my title.  10 things you should outsource immediately is a bold statement.  The purpose of this blog is to show you the possibilities.  Not to make you feel…