1-Day Relaxation and Wellness Itinerary in Truro Nova Scotia

Relaxation and Wellness Itinerary in Truro Sometimes you just need a day to yourself, without an agenda, to just unwind.  That’s exactly what this relaxation and wellness itinerary in Truro Nova Scotia is for! Highlights of This Itinerary: Spas, Cocktails, Patios and Picnics If sipping cocktails, leisurely picnics and self-care spa dates is your speed,…


Mexican Grilled Street Corn

10 Unique Summer Grilling Recipes

10 Unique Grilling Recipes I don’t know about you, but once the warm weather hits in Canada, I want nothing to do with turning on my oven or even my stovetop if I can help it.  There’s something so delicious about smokey grilled favorites like sausages, steaks, chops, and foil grilled potatoes.  In fact, I come…


Crispy chicken wings recipe

Crispy Chicken Wings on the Grill

Perfect Crispy Chicken Wings on the Grill There’s nothing better than crispy chicken wings but, without a fryer, they’re tricky to get right.  Today we’re handing over our secret weapon for making perfect crispy chicken wings on the grill without all the grease.  The truth is, I’ve never really liked chicken wings until now!  That’s…