Paddleboard Shelburne Nova Scotia

The Ultimate Guide to Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SHELBURNE COUNTY A remarkably underrated part of Nova Scotia has got to be Shelburne County. This wasn’t our first time visiting Shelburne County (check it out here and here), yet we’ve still discovered new and exciting things each time we go! We decided that it’s time to put it together in one, big,…


1-Day Relaxation and Wellness Itinerary in Truro Nova Scotia

Relaxation and Wellness Itinerary in Truro Sometimes you just need a day to yourself, without an agenda, to just unwind.  That’s exactly what this relaxation and wellness itinerary in Truro Nova Scotia is for! Highlights of This Itinerary: Spas, Cocktails, Patios and Picnics If sipping cocktails, leisurely picnics and self-care spa dates is your speed,…