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We wear a lot of hats. Influencers, content strategists, business consultants, filmmakers, copywriters, marketers... but these hats serve a bigger purpose—to equip us to be the best storytellers we can be.

And that's where it gets really fun for you...

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Let's cut right to the chase, shall we? We help small businesses & brands get in front of the right audience and attract waves of raving fans and customers through modern marketing.

Sara & Brent are the award-winning entrepreneurs & marketing strategists behind Dashboard Living.

If you're reading this, that means you're intrigued and you may be asking the questions we get most often.

"Aren't you travel bloggers?"

"How did you turn a 'blog' into a full-time business?"

And, "I recognize you as influencers but didn't know you did brand strategy and consulting!"

Yes and yes. All of that is true. The interesting answer to those questions is... Smart, modern marketing is how we've been able to build our brand and hundreds of others.

You see, we started out as marketers...

...became accidental influencers

...and now we're a deliberate blend of both because, quite frankly, you can't have one without the other.

The truth is, every brand needs an audience... but not just any audience! We specialize in content strategy & influencer marketing to attract the right audience to your brand using modern marketing strategies. It's how we've built our own brand and it's how we work with our clients to build theirs.

Dashboard Living the Marketers

We both started our marketing careers in corporate. Brent, working for an aerospace company on processes & systems and Sara, managing six-figure campaigns for a national marketing agency.

During those years, we learned lot about complex marketing strategies as well as what was missing in the industry as a whole. There was a lot of money being spent on these campaigns - but the results didn't reflect the budget.

When we started our own company (clothing and apparel) we knew there was a better way.


Dashboard Living the Accidental Influencers

We knew that in order to sell our apparel, we needed an audience. We also knew that mainstream marketing wasn't where the magic happened - so we launched into a digital campaign called "100 days of Nova Scotia". We produced 100 videos in 100 days that promoted travel inside Nova Scotia and amassed an audience of passionate travellers in the process.

Our little marketing campaign turned into the catalyst for the Dashboard Living brand and before we knew it, we were being paid by brands to travel & promote their products and services.

Our audience was booking rooms, buying the products we talked about and converting from fans to customers for our partners.

We were (to our surprise) influencers.

Influencers who had replaced TWO full time corporate incomes in a matter of months using social media and what we now call "modern marketing".

And, very quickly, we were being asked by those same brands we were "influencing for":

"How did you build your following?"

"How do I run social media & influencer campaigns effectively?"

"How do I choose the right influencers?"

"What is the best use of my marketing budget?"

And just like that, we morphed from marketers to influencers to strategists.

Dashboard Living the Marketing Strategists

Now we function as a hybrid agency that specializes in unique, modern marketing campaigns and influencers marketing.

We've worked with hundreds of small businesses on their content & digital strategy to help them get their business in front of the right people.

And that's the key - getting in front of the RIGHT people (not just anyone). We help brands craft strategic campaigns & funnels that attract waves of fans & followers and then we help turn those followers into loyal customers.

So, if you're still reading that means you like the sounds of this!

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"Working with Dashboard Living for the past 5 years has been a pleasure. They are organized, professional and SO much fun! Their knowledge and passion for travel, adventure and marketing shows in all they do. They have been an instrumental partner for Take it Outside. "

Sue Stanfield, Take It Outside Inc.  



"The campaign Sara & Brent created for my tour company started converting immediately, before they even arrived on site! I had new bookings right away and they just continued to build as new content was released. I learned so much from these two!"

Kay Honig, Kay Tours Inc.



"Working with Sara and Brent at Dashboard Living was fun, and effective. Their natural, easy going demeanour made working with them comforting and reassuring. The results from our live show were immediate. We had a lot more traffic to our website, we had immediate online sales, more visitors to our shop, and a greater brand awareness. I would highly recommend working with Brent and Sara- it's impactful and enjoyable!"

Miriah, My HOME Apparel


Exceeded Expectations

"Sara and Brent took our ideas into account and were able to make us a proposal that suited our needs very well. It was a pleasure to work with them, always attentive and on the lookout for what might interest their subscribers. They exceeded our expectations by providing not one but three awesome articles on the Maggies. I would work with them again at any time!"

Lea Sanche Lefebvre, Magdalen Islands Tourism

Clients Past & Present

*We take our partners privacy seriously! For that reason, some testimonial names have been changed and some partners have been omitted

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