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Feather Necklace


It’s that time again, Fashion Friday! And another attempt by yours truly to take some steps in the right direction when it comes to putting myself together in the morning.  Last week I shared with you a few things I picked up from Idle Clutch Boutique, including these super cute earrings. Now, I’m not usually…

Idle Clutch Haul

Help For The Hopelessly Unfashionable

Fashion Friday’s have been something I’ve wanted to include in the blog for a while now.  Although you’d never know it, because if left to my own devices I would wear my given-up-on-life clothes (oversized men’s hoodie and leggings) all day everyday, I actually really like fashion.  I’ve always secretly wished I could dress myself…

rhubarb restaurant

RHUBARB RESTAURANT: Indian Harbour Nova Scotia

People are serious about their food – especially their favourites.  To say the Rhubarb’s reputation precedes it would be an understatement.  When we announced our “Nova Scotia Viewers Choice Restaurant” series earlier this year, long time patrons of the Rhubarb restaurant all but dragged us through the doors to show off their precious Rhubarb!  …