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It's a consumer review-driven economy and it's the customer experience that separates leading brands from the rest of the pack.

Why go with us for your customer experience consulting?  Well, how do we put this...

We're professional customers and we know first hand, the value of an outstanding customer experience. In 2017 we put more than 200 resorts, hotels, inns, tours, and restaurants under our belts and we've seen it all.  The good, the bad & the very ugly.

The customer experience is the most valuable element in any service based business.  We work with only the most client-centered brands to create an outstanding customer experience that will result in the single most effective advertising available - word of mouth!

Customer Experience Services

  • Customer Experience Audit*
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • SOP Development
  • Integration and Implementation
  • Employee Adherence Training

What Is A Customer Experience Audit?

You've heard of mystery shopping?  We send in trained professionals to be your eyes and ears when you can't be there and gain valuable information about the customer experience at your establishment.

Our reports will give you a detailed, objective and accurate review of your hotel, resort, inn, B&B, tour or restaurant from the customers perspective.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Our team goes in under the guise of regular customer and collects detailed information from every aspect of the customer experience from start to finish giving you a 360 degree look at your business when you’re not there.

  • Reporting & Strategy

    We compile the data into a full report and easy to follow action plan so that you can make confident, data-driven decisions.  You report is available to you within 48 hours of the audit so that you can take action immediately.

  • Competitor Intelligence

    At your request, we’ll evaluate your competitors and provide a full report so that you can get the competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Compliance & Integrity

    Do you have concerns about compliance or integrity of employees?  Are you trying to implement a new SOP or strategy.  We’ll provide an inside look at what’s happening and help you develop a strategy for managing any issues that arise.

Let's take the customer experience to the next level

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