it’s time to reignite your life…


You Know The Life You’ve Been Dreaming About?

It’s Time You Start Living It!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″]Disappointed?  Bored?  Exhausted?  Overwhelmed?  And wondering what the heck happened to your life? You’re getting by but you know there’s got to be something more.  You’re comfortable enough but you know you’re meant to experience, do, and be more?

Yes?  Then you’re in the right place![/text_block]

Ever Asked Yourself: “How The Hell Did I Get Here?”

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You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and you’re submerged in chaos from the minute you open your eyes to the time you lay your head down at night.

You lay awake at night, even though you’re exhausted, worrying about all the things you need to get done tomorrow.

You’re trying to be everything to everyone and in the process of taking care of your family, your career, your friends, your kids and your spouse or partner you feel like you’ve lost sight of your hopes and dreams.

You’re so stressed and overwhelmed that your health is suffering – the pounds keep creeping on and you’re bouncing from diet to diet trying just about anything to just get a handle on that one area of your life.

You feel guilty saying “No” to requests because you don’t want to let anyone down.

You feel like you’re bulldozing through life with blinders on just barely keeping your head above water – you can barely breathe with an ever growing list of things to “get done” piling up all around you.

You feel pulled in a million different directions and can never seem to get everything done.


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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”22″ font_font=”Shadows%20Into%20Light” font_color=”%23000000″]Hi there, we’re Brent & Sara from Dashboard Living…[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_color=”%23000000″]We’re just a normal everyday couple who come from normal everyday backgrounds who decided to go WAY out on a limb and chase after a dream that everyone thought was crazy…and we did just that.

We decided early on that “good enough” wasn’t good enough for us so we studied, attended seminars, read books, shed tears, had some ‘come to jesus’ moments, did some soul searching, and made a lot of mistakes.  Then, we came up with a conscious, on-pupose plan for what we wanted out life to look like.  And we did the work to make that happen.

We discovered what we truly want out of life and then we set up a framework to put us on a clear path to get there.  Now, we’re going to show you how to do the same  thing.  Make no mistake, we’re talking life changing, magical stuff that will completely transform your life, your TIME (hello…isn’t that something we all need more of) and most importantly, your happiness.[/text_block]

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Introducing our new


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Why does everyone talk about this happy, inspired-life thing but so few are actually able to master it?  The reason is because we were never taught to plan our lives!  We plan parties, vacations, and work projects but we don’t actually sit down and plan our lives.

The secret is to stop making lists of “if only” goals and dreams and start learning and mastering the strategies, skills and SYSTEMS that will actually improve your life.[/text_block]

  • The Inspired Life Academy

    Start Here!  This is where you become the engineer of your life.  In 6 video modules you’ll learn the skills, techniques and systems to create a step by step plan for your life.  No filler.  No theory.  No fluff.  We focus on “doing” so you can make real progress, quickly.  We take the process step-by-step, giving you time and coaching to master each concept before moving on.

  • Members Only Community

    We treat life design like a team sport and that’s where the magic happens!  You’ll get direct access to us, your peers, and guest experts, so you can be held accountable, get your questions answered, and get the latest updates.  We’ll teach you how to layer accountability in a way that makes success the only possible outcome and the community is a crucial part of that!

  • Monthly Live Strategy Sessions

    Each month we’ll host a live strategy session inside the group where we teach you actionable tools and strategies to continue to improve your life, your productivity and your happiness.  These concepts have been tested in the real world and are proven to create lasting change.  We’ll deliver the best tools and techniques available today to keep you moving forward.

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Usually $197 + $30/month! Pre-Enroll for our brand new society for just $39.00 + $10/month, before the price jumps up! The society becomes available November 1st, 2017!


Enroll For Just $10/month+ $39 Join Fee (regular $197 – an 80% discount!)

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”26″ font_font=”Shadows%20Into%20Light” font_color=”%23050605″]A couple of years ago…[/text_block]

We were just going through the motions, barely keeping our heads above water and both struggling to find the motivation to get anything done.  Even though we were working crazy long hours, we never felt that there were enough hours in the day to get everything done – let alone have a life.

We knew we needed a change so we started reading books, attending seminars, and devouring everything we could on the subject of personal development, productivity, and achievement.

The goal was to improve our work performance but we started applying those same principals to our lives and quickly realized that the same strategies used by the worlds highest achievers to catapult their companies into the stratosphere could be applied to life in general and have the same effect!

Now we work smarter, not harder and spend our time exploring vineyards, traveling the world, and focusing on work that we’re passionate about rather than just “going through the motions” of a mediocre life.

Enroll For Just $10/month+ $39 Join Fee (regular $197 – an 80% discount!)

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It’s Not A Pipe Dream… You Can Have It All!


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  • The Inspired Life Academy

    This is where you re-engineer your life!

    This 6-module online academy is where you’ll build the foundation and get crystal clear on what you want you life to look like.  We dive deep into each area of your life and deconstruct each component so that you can set clear goals that are aligned with your priorities (something most people miss).  Then, we re-construct a step by step blueprint for your life.

    The best part?  You’re not alone!  We take this course live twice a year so you’ll have the support of your fellow society members as you work through the process.

  • STEP 1

    Step 1 is all about mindset & clarity.  We’ll take dissect the idea of balance (and figure out how to get it), address what you intrinsic and extrinsic priorities are and lay the foundation for creating an on-purpose life.  We’ll be taking a close look at all areas of your life and figuring out which areas are out of balance and how to get them back in line.

  • STEP 2

    You’ll love this week!  We’re diving in head first and diving deep on what YOU actually want your life to look like.  We’ll drill down into your “why’s” and create a life vision that will guide the rest of your decisions throughout the academy.  We call this your “life plan” week – and it’s fun!

  • STEP 3

    This week is big – we’re going to set BIG, audacious goals and then we’re going to reverse engineer those goals and create a strategic plan for actually accomplishing them.  This week is all about “doing” rather than dreaming.

  • STEP 4

    Motivation, discipline and habit.  We’re diving deep to identify the key differences of these concepts and how you can use them to make success your only options.  We’ll set up the triggers and vital practices you’ll need to create solid, life-changing habits.

  • STEP 5

    This week we clean house, but not the way you’re thinking!  This is where the break-through’s often happen because we’re learning to set up boundaries, protect your space, and learn to say “NO”.  You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, so that’s what we’re tackling.


    We’ve never met a person who didn’t say they wished they had more time to enjoy the things that make them happy so this step is dedicated to putting four key systems in place that will free up an incredible amount of time in your week.  Whether you’re a stay at home mom or CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, working smarter and not harder can be a game-changer.

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The Academy runs as a LIVE program!  We are with you, every step of the way.  We’ve found that best results happen when we use our layered accountability method and strategic timing system.




Weekly live video training, accountability partners and printable workbooks are all part of the Academy but don’t worry – we won’t bog you down with reading & homework.  We’re focused on ACTION over theory!


In addition, you have access to all the resources and support listed below in an ever growing membership library!


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Because most people say that improving their health is a top priority and because the reality is that you can’t live life to the fullest without a healthy and energetic body we’re including our brand new 21 Day Detox program.

If your body is weak and tired, everything else in your life suffers.  There’s no need to spend extra mental power worrying about how your look and feel – let’s take care of that first!

When your body feels vibrant, strong and powerful you’ll be ready to tackle your goals with wild abandon so let’s get at it.



PLANT STRONG: A 21 Day Detox ($69 value)

Hit the reset button on your body and heal your system from the inside out with 21 days of whole-food, plant based recipes.  Glowing skin, better sleep, more energy, fewer symptoms, and significant weight loss are just a few of the things past participants have reported!

Break free of your food addictions, flood your body with nutrients, eliminate food cravings, and finally feel in control of your body again in as little as 3 weeks.

21-Day Detox Includes:

  • Quick Start Guide: All the details you need to get started right away
  • Recipes & Meal Plans: Complete meal plans and recipes included
  • Shopping List: Weekly detailed shopping lists
  • Daily Support: Daily Email & Video Support during your entire program
  • Community Support & ongoing recipe upgrades (even after the detox ends)
  • Transition Guide: We don’t expect you to stay plant-based forever & we’ll help you transition!



What People Are Saying About Our Coaching

I started the inspired life academy in a unhappy place in my life. I was in a rut with my weight, under stress and not knowing where I was heading in my life . I was at a stand still, wanting to change my life and having no idea where to start.  I would start something and then just never finish. I did the work with in the academy and made the doable changes Sara taught.  As the weeks went by I got the tools from this course to be able to reduce  my level of stress , be more active, improve my family life and move forward toward a happy and full life. I am so much happier and the tools Sara gave me I still use everyday. I have lost weight, improved my health and I get up each morning looking forward to a new day. I still step off the path from time to time but I jump right back on . My life is back on track and I am so excited about the future.

Cindy Sellers-Lemon

Cindy Sellers-Lemon
Inspired Life Academy (Beta)

I joined the Inspired Life Academy searching for myself. I am 26 years old, a wife and a mom to two boys, ages 3 and 1. And that’s all I was, a wife and a mom. 100% of my time and energy was put into my two boys and my husband, I was losing myself. I was very active in Sara’s 30-day Wellness Challenge and it was definitely the push I needed. The Academy pushed me to focus on what I wanted/needed in my life to be the best person not only for myself but for my family and friends. I am so thankful for Sara and for the group of ladies that participated in this Academy, I now have the skills to process and communicate with myself and those around me what my goals are and what it will take to reach them. I am a much happier person and a better mom and wife because of it. For anyone questioning whether something like this is for you (I know I did) the answer is 100% YES! No matter what you feel you need to improve in your life, the strategies Sara gives you will change your life!

Olivia Patriquin

Olivia Patriquin
Inspired Life Academy (Beta)

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$10/month + $39 Join Fee

That’s an 80% discount from regular price.  This is a beta group and the price will increase January 1st, 2018


Click to Join Now!Pre-enrolment special ends Jan 1